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I prefer to let my music tell the parts of my story that are worth telling. If I ever have anything intelligent, interesting, or relevant to say to the world, I’ll say it in one of my songs. I have no social media accounts or online presence, only what appears on this site. I'm from New Jersey, USA.


I started out as a guitar player and song writer in a Rage Against The Machine-influenced rap/rock band in the late 1990’s. During that time I began to study recording and I built my first studio. Somewhere around 2002 I started working with the legendary hip-hop production duo EDK. They introduced me to a world that centered around vintage samplers, turntables, and mountains of vinyl records. Before long the band was in the past and I was completely immersed in the NJ/Philly hip-hop scene (at least the weird experimental side of it), training in the arts of hip-hop production and the emcee. Off Topic was born. 


In 2004 I released my debut album “I Think I Exist” which enjoyed some local success and opened the doors to a lot of new opportunities and collaborations. The following year I started the Rhymenetwork artist collective. In an era before the rise of smartphones, social media, and music streaming, the Rhymenetwork web site provided a place for artists to showcase and sell their music online. Within a few years Rhymenetwork was functioning as an independent record label and had contributed to multiple albums, many of which were released under the Rhymenetwork name. The roster of artists quickly spread from its original NJ/Philly base, up and down the East Coast, and across the country.



In 2007 I teamed up with former bandmate and long-time friend Phase Fate to form Code Poets. Our albums “Mark Of The Beast” and “Formative EP” quickly became underground classics and sold several thousand copies all over the world. For the next few years I worked with all the Rhymenetwork artists and contributed to the release multiple albums as a producer, emcee, and engineer.



In 2010 my life took an unexpected turn. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was about to begin a 10-year absence from the music world. I basically vanished without a trace, and Rhymenetwork eventually went with me.



Fast-forward to 2020. After such a long disappearance Off Topic and Rhymenetwork had faded into legend. I reappeared to find that some of my friends were still making music, some had stopped, and some had tragically passed away. I got right back to recording and re-launched as my personal online home. Today the Rhymenetwork collective is alive and well. We currently have several projects in production and are stronger than ever. Moving forward our goal is the same as it has always been: To make music that has the substance to be relevant now and depth to endure into the future. Thanks for listening.